Non Excavation Corridor Access Request (NECAR)

Simplifies the process of requesting permits

If you are:
  • Holding an event, protest or parade that affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic.
  • Temporarily installing construction loading zones.
  • Installing a new driveway.
  • Placing a skip/bin or container in the road reserve.
  • Having a Street Party.
  • Putting up temporary scaffolding (mobile or fixed).
  • Using or parking machinery such as cranes, cherry pickers and water blasters.
  • Applying for a full or partial road or footpath closure to carry out work on or above the road.


You must ensure no activity commences until you have received, in writing, permission to proceed from the relevant Road Controlling Authority.

Always perform an onsite inspection for the presence of any cables and pipes both above and below ground before commencing your activity. If in doubt about the presence of underground assets, or circumstances require you to carry out any excavation, you must apply for your CAR at Please Contact us here if you have any general enquiries or need to speak to a help desk operator.


If you do any of this... / ...and if you are sure you are not excavating

If you are sure you are not excavating